Bako Wealth Management is a full service management agency in all areas of business and consumer service. The enterprise is conducted in a concern structure where Bako Wealth Management is the controlling enterprise. Together, the Group companies provide a modern and versatile service where our clients and their needs are always placed in the forefront.

"The uncomplicated law firm" - since 2017

Bako Juridik is the oldest Bako company. Our lawyers started helping clients as early as 2017 and have since steadily expanded the business. At the beginning of 2019, the successful law firm MyLaw was acquired, which is now part of Bako Juridik. Today, the company is popularly referred to as "the uncomplicated law firm" and its main purpose is to make the law easily accessible to both private individuals and small businesses. With competitive pricing and an unparalleled efficiency, Bako Juridik is the obvious choice for those who need legal advice.

With the economy in the spotlight - together towards new goals!

To meet the growing demand for modern financial solutions, Bako Finans was founded in 2018. With large successful companies such as Klarna Finans as an inspiration, this small company grew into one of the most influential finance companies in the industry today. Many passionate economists today work with a large number of different payment solutions and financing models to offer customers the absolute best services that the market has to offer. Today, the company has large partners such as the Chat Association Geristraterna who help to put this small but ambitious company on the map.

From start-up to industry leader - success from day one

In response to the growing demand for high-quality literature, Bako's management team decided to expand its operations to include publishing - they could see an opening in the market that until then had been dominated by old-fashioned and somewhat stagnant companies. Therefore, in April 2019, Bako Förlag was started, which directly took up the fight with industry-leading companies and really challenged the competition immediately during its first year of operation. The initiative became something of a paradigm shift as more and more scientific-literary writers chose to have their works printed by Bako. Today, large volumes of legal, economic and social science literature are printed by Bako Förlag.

Communication - the most important keyword in an increasingly antisocial world?

The youngest branch of Bako Wealth Management is Bako Logopedi, founded in 2020. Speech therapy was the natural next step for the successful group since the company could continue to contribute to promoting one of Bako's main keywords: communication. By hiring the best and most suitable speech therapists from the beginning, Bako Logopedi can be proud to be at the forefront of all areas of the speech therapy discourse. The company has already taken enormous strides and in a very short time has passed many competing companies in both number of cases and customer satisfaction.